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Next Gen ATP Finals

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November, 2023


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Four Lines International Company takes pride in the successful implementation of the branding project for the Next Gen ATP Finals event held at the Jewel Stadium in Jeddah. This project stands out for its uniqueness and innovation, serving as an integral part of the overall experience of the sporting event.

The continuity of this achievement is evident through the installation of branding elements in several key locations within the stadium, emphasizing exquisite details from every angle. From the practice courts and the main stadium to the spectator area and player facilities, the design extends to cover over 15 different sites within the sports complex.

This brand is characterized by intricate details mirroring the geometric beauty of the stadium, reflecting both authenticity and modernity simultaneously. The branding includes multiple elements such as the main entrance and press conference rooms, ensuring that each part of the experience exudes excellence and professionalism.

Thanks to the integrated branding throughout, audiences, partners, and media can enjoy a seamless and unique experience during the Next Gen ATP Finals event. This brand embodies innovation and leadership in the world of sports, making the event unforgettable for all participants.

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